interested in OHIP/Province covering your ivf & icsi?
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isa - April 13

I just found a website for IAAC(The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada at is doing their best to get the gov't to pay for ivf with icsi for all females that need it (not just those with blocked tubes). I have gotten an email back from one of the contacts Marnie Pearo ([email protected]) who stated they are in the midst of getting petitions signed (She is snail mailing me one as all signatures must be hand done -not through email) and she said Bev the executive director from IAAC ([email protected]) let her know that IVF treatments are now being covered in Newfoundland. It's a start she says and added Bev will be in Toronto on the 18 &19 of April fighting for us. Anyone interested in starting up a petition that could help out is asked to email Marnie at the above email so that she can send them out one also. You can see the info on the net if you google iacc infertility petition and choose the first link. If you wish to send info to Bev click on her executive director link and it will send an email to her and ask for the petition or send it Marnie as I did above email address. Lets keep fingers crossed and if/when I /we need ivf it will get covered. Sorry msg so long but thought it was important to pass this info on to everyone. Also she is fighting for others in provinces in Canada.


isa - April 17

Looks like we are heading towards ivf and icsi. I hope you Canadian gals email marnie for your info kit and look into getting this covered in your provinces too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone could get this covered and not just those in Ontario with 2 blocked tubes.



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