Intercourse BEFORE "trigger shot"?
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LSB - December 12

I’ve been thinking. I will be going in to see the RE on the 22nd for a vaginal ultrasound and if follicle(s) are ready, then I will be given the “trigger shot” for ovulation. With the shot I WILL ovulate within 12 - 36 hours. I was thinking - “maybe my dh and I should have intercourse the night BEFORE the u/s & shot”. But, now the modesty in me, will the RE be able to “tell” we had intercourse while doing the vaginal ultrasound? Has anyone been advised by their doctor NOT to have intercourse before the shot? I just think doing this “makes sense”, because sperm can live 2-3 days up to 5 day (so I have read). Anyone with any thoughts?


Mega - December 12

I always try to have intercourse before the vaginal u/s. I agree with you, it just seems logical. Are you doing IUI as well? We are doing IUI, & my thought is he has to "store up" his guys for 24 to 48 hours before giving a sample, but I've read if you wait longer than 72 hrs that's not optimum either. Typically though I don't get told to trigger til 2 days after my last u/s, so sex the night before the trigger is my plan of action. That's just how I do things. Good luck!


LSB - December 12

Mega - thanks for your response! We have done IUI, but this month are trying "naturally" due to the holidays. We do u/s and "trigger shot", then the next day IUI, then the day after that 2nd IUI. Although we actually haven't gotten the 2nd IUI part - with Thanksgiving and now Christmas - it just hasn't been possible. Do you think the RE will be able to "tell" we had intercourse - or should I just "get over it" and do it anyway? Thanks again!!



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