Insurance that covers infertility treatments?
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Nikki - February 23

Here is another question: Does anyone know what kind of insurance I should go with if I think I might need some kind of help getting pregnant later?


Ann - February 23

Your best shot is getting a job with good benefits. The individual plans that you pay on your own rarely cover infertility. However the group plans (like you get at work) cover it more often.


Nikki - February 23

Well, I'm an alien (completely legal, but can't seek employment yet) and my husband is a contractor. So a group plan doesn't seem like an option. But thank you, I wish I could get that.


DD - February 23

My husband has a PPO from work (BCBS of IL) and it covers EVERYTHING. HMO's suck..


Ann - February 23

Nikki, hopefully you won't have any problems ttc and you won't have to worry about all this stuff!! How long do you have to wait before you can work? I agree with DD on HMOs. They are usually a pain to deal with. I've had a PPO and an EPO and both cover up to 25K of infertility. Good luck on ttc!


mrose - March 2

Nikki, I just recently purchased blue cross blue advantage. They cover up to $5000 for infertility treatments. I hope this helps!


julia - March 2

I just checked my card and it says that I have HMO. My husband is a professor at California State University. Dear girls please advise when and how we can change the insurance coverage.


Ann - March 2

Julia, first call your insurance company and ask what your benefits are to see if you have any infertility coverage (some HMOs do cover some). You can also probably get a summary of coverage from your dh's employer. If you don't have coverage already, check with your dh's employer to see if that HMO is the only option or if there are others you can choose from. Do you have any insurance options through your job?


Ann - March 2

Julia, I just did a quick search on the internet for California State University benefits, and it says the Fresno location has HMO and PPO (I guess there are multiple locations), so you may be in luck on one or both of the insurance plans. Hope this helps.


Mega - March 2

As Ann & other posters have said, coverages vary greatly, but I do have an HMO thru work, Anthem & it does cover infertility testing (HSG was covered 100%, and I have unlimited u/s coverage)which though it's not a lot, it's still a BIG help. I think it only covers 80% of the lap & OD I had done recently though so I'm bracing myself for that whooping bill. But I did want to echo what Ann said about some HMO's covering some infertility treatments. Good luck Nikki.


julia - March 2

Thank you dear girls!!! My husband works at Ca State University Stanislaus Turlock


xiaotuzi - March 8

My dh and I have Aetna HMO. We went for most of infertility tests: Day 3 blood, HSG and sperm count. All those are covered by our insurance. By the way we are working in New York City and living in New Jersey. Don't know this makes a difference.



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