Insurance for infertility
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Georgiatoo - November 25

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy insurance that may cover infertility? I'm a small business owner in Georgia and wasn't sure if anything could help us pay for IVF (if we need it). We are on 4 dpo this month and can afford one more IUI on our own. Anyway, any information would be great! Thanks!


cspears99 - November 26

Hi I live in California and my best friend owns a small company, which I work for, and we have tried numerous insurance companies and we couldn't find any that you could get that covered IVF?? but it may just be here in Cali, the only two states that do not have to cover infertility is Ca and NY, so you may have better luck!! good luck I hope you find something!!


Georgiatoo - November 29

Thanks for your help :) I'll keep checking...


Tink - December 1

TX is also not required to cover infertility, or at least IVF. i think only about 10-15 states require IVF coverage, the rest are slowly catching up. i do have IUI coverage now, but lose it when my co. changes insurance in january. then i have nothing. my company is a defense contractor, and the defense industry is known for great benefits, since many employees are ex-military- but even we don't have IVF- in TX. i wish it was required!


Georgiatoo - December 1

I'm just trying out how we could possible afford IVF - we can manage one or two more IUI's, but IVF is a fortune in Georgia. Thanks for you help Tink


Tink - December 1

IVF with my RE in Dallas, TX is about $10-$12k per cycle. There are shared risk programs at some clinics where you pay a set fee (probably $18-$20k), but you get 3 cycles/attempts. if you get pregnant, you are out all that money, regardless if you did 1 or 2 or 3 tries. if you don't get pregnant after 3 tries, you get a lot of the money back (not for drugs usually). you can always take out a loan or finance too. Dh is cheap and refuses to do a loan or anything. we could afford it if we saved up a few months or more. but it would be tight. grandpa offered to pay for it for us and i will take him up on that if these next 2 IUIs don't work. good luck!


Georgiatoo - December 5

Hi Tink - Georgia is about the same - we have the shared risk thing too. It still seems so expensive. We've done two IUI's and we'll probably do one or two more. Those cost us under $1,000 each so it doesn't seem so bad. Not like IVF. By that time I'll be 37 which is kind of our cut off. Thanks for all the info and lots of luck and baby dust!


aish - December 6

hi just found out my new insurance united health ppo covers upto 15000 for infertility ...Still have no idea whether it will cover ivf....Still waiting for the cards to arrive so that i can call them..


Georgiatoo - December 6

Hi Aish - what state do live in?


aish - December 6

i live in northern VA...i am waiting for the id no. so that i can check


Georgiatoo - December 6

Thanks - maybe I can get that in GA...



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