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ConfusedMom2B - March 29

I know this is probably the last from everyone's mind, but what if you don't have insurance. What kind of programs can you get on so that your medical bills are paid for before and after birth? I've heard of Medicare for pregnant woman. I know everyone here probably has insurance through their work, but I'm currently a temp at this job and hoping to get hired on within 2 months.. should I just hope for that and see what their benefits are? What do I do if they don't cover maternity? Some insurance companies don't pay unless lives are threatened, so how does that work? Do I get to paid month by month on the bills that occur, or do I have to pay it all upfront, becasue I could NOT afford that? Can anyone help me? Thanks girls!


Ann - March 29

There may be some programs, but I don't know about them. How you have to pay depends on the dr. It has been my experience that you have to pay for everything the day you see the dr. If I were you, I would inquire at the company where you are temping as to what the benefits are if you get hired on full time. Then you can make a decision to look for another job if you need to. Are you pg already or just ttc? Most medical insurance covers maternity unless it is considered a pre-existing condition under the policy. A lot of group plans like you get at work do not consider maternity a pre-existing condition. Maternity leave greatly varies from company to company. Many companies require you be employed with them for a certain time period before they will pay for the leave. My company requires you be employed for a year before taking leave (i.e. you would want to wait 4 months to get pg after you start). Hope this helps.



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