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Jane - December 30

My insurance co. wants me to prove 2 years of infertility before they pay for it. I was wondering if anyone here had the same problem and how they proved that they were trying. thanks


Bump - December 31



MuzikGurl - December 31

how exactly do you prove it???? I mean, the only way I can think of is to tell your dr. how long you and ur partner have been trying and then get him to write a letter to your insurance. What insurance do you have if you don't mind me asking? I'm currently studying insurance stuff in my medical classes and I've never seen something like that as well as heard of anything like that. kinda suspicious....hummm......


dea - December 31

Ask your Dr. how to "prove". Sometimes they will have the answer....


Tracy - December 31

As scandalous as insurance companies can be, I would assume that you would have to be documented for a period of two years, not including the time you spent TTC before ever seeing a doc. And can you believe most insurance companies will cover viagra but not infertility or birth control pills???


MuzikGurl - December 31




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