Insomnia/Cold Like Symptoms/GAS
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lifequest - July 2

Hey is any body experiencing insomnia, as your in your 2ww. I have 3 days left for my beta...and I find that in this last week, around 2,3,or 4 in the morning I find myself getting up to go pee (not unusual for me), but when I get back to bed, I'm wide awake. I end up staying up for about an hour or two...and finally get to sleep after that. I also feel a wierd feeling in my nose, as if I'm catching a cold...maybe that's really all it is, but it's strange. Oh and I have major bloating-ness and GAS!


kristina1980 - July 2

Hi, I heard insomnia could be during pregnancy, but it's rear. Gas could be a sign of pregnancy. One time I had so much gas I thought I could be pregnant, but it was a side effect of getting of pills. Good luck. kristina


lifequest - July 3

Thanks Kristina1980, I think maybe the gas is from the progest. suppositories. As for the insomnia I don't know.


Ann1 - July 3

lifequest, let me know if you end up with a bfp. These are my exact symptoms (I am 5 weeks and 5 days pg today). I don't have any of the symptoms that I always hear people say they have (bigger and sore bbs, veins, m/s, etc.). I have the exact symptoms you listed plus I get tired during the day (but have insomnia in the middle of the night).


lifequest - July 4

Ann1 I will let you know, I can't believe there is someone else out there with these symptoms. I congratulate you on your prescious 5 wks 5 you mind me asking if it was with any particular treatment?
All the best....stay healthy...and I will let you know. :D You made my I can only pray!


Ann1 - July 5

Sorry it took me so long to respond (am out of town for the holidays). Last year in May I had surgery for fibroids and it July or so I had a lap due to a cyst on my ovaries (ended up being endo). After the lap, we did 6 rounds of clomid (5 w/iui) and 2 rounds of injectibles w/iui. My fibroids came back and I was due to have surgery 2 weeks ago. However, I turned up pg on my month break before the surgery. I did a natural cycle and used opks. I can't believe I got pg on my own after all that! Let me know what your beta says. Is it today?


lifequest - July 5

No, my beta is tommorow morning though, yesturday morning I had some streaks of blood on my tp. Well I did a hpt. and it was negative. So I don't know what to expect with my blood work tommorow.


Ann1 - July 5

Don't give up hope yet. I thought my af had started. I took a hpt in the morning (BFN) and started bleeding right after. Then it stopped later in the day. I thought it was odd, because I don't spot. Then still no af the next day. I didn't have any more hpts, so I took an opk. I had heard that you show a surge if you are pg. It showed a surge. I didn't know if the surge thing was true, so I sent dh to get hpts. I took one the next morn and got a bfp. The day I got the bfn was Saturday (10dpo), got surge on 11dpo, and got a bfp on Monday (12dpo). I am still hoping for you!! Did you do any fertility treatments this cycle?


lifequest - July 5

Hi Ann1, I did IUI, with injections. As for how I'm doing well, yesturday I had streaks of blood, than I did a HTP...BFN. The bleeding was very small, just in my cm. No new sypmtoms to report. But just minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and had a lot more blood, I think It's AF, this time...forsure. I do BETA, tommorow, but I'm not confident about my results. Best of Luck to you!!! See, the streaks were small yesturday morning, and than that was it. Now it looks like AF. I really don't want to check again, but I'm sure I'll have to use the toilet sooner or later. Thanks for your support and advice.


Ann1 - July 5

Oh, I am so sorry af showed. When you said the small amount of blood, I really thought we were having the exact same experience. Trust me, I know how hard all the bfns are. If you need to vent, I am here. Take care of yourself and get some pampering--you deserve it greatly.


lifequest - July 5

so thankful...and you take care of yourself....!


cspears99 - July 6

Hi I was curious what everyone means when they do the IUI with injections? is this done at your OB/gyn? I am on my 3rd round on clomid and IUI the only shot I get is the hcg shot before the IUI, please let me know thank you Cheryl


lifequest - July 6

cspears, when I talk about IUI with injections, I mean I do the b/w and u/s and than wait for results by my nurse. Than she tells me how much med. (puregon needle) I take. I inject myself at home....and repeat this every day, until I have to do the hcg needle at the dr. office, followed by the spermwash and the IUI. It's my first round of IUI, but I don't think it's worked for me...AF has come 3 days prior to the day expected. Oh well...back to the drawing board.



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