Injections and RE monitoring
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CC - April 12

Hi all-You guys are so sweet to check in on me. I think the girls on my other thread are probably ready to kill me about now, I am so neurotic. I just want this to work is all I guess. I have 5 follicles, 2 on my right and 3 on my left. I have 1 thats 12, 3 that are 13, and 1 thats 14. Here is where I am freaked. My RE told me to do another night of Menopur shots (tonight since she likes them to be 16 or bigger), trigger tomorrow @ 9:00 am, then IUI #1 [email protected] 9:00 (24 hours later) and IUI # 2 Friday @ 9:15 (48 hours after trigger)..I wondering a few things-will my follicles be the right size and big enough by Thursday morning, and why am I doing the 1st IUI within 24 hours of the trigger and not 36 hours ? Does this all sound right to you ? I dont know if they are going to do another u/s after the trigger tomorrow, and before the IUI on Thursday morning, but shouldnt they ? (I should have asked and didnt think about it until a few hours ago)..This is my 1st IUI, Im trying to relax, but really wanting it to work, so the two dont go hand in hand. I think I start over researching things, then I get worried. I wish I had my own u/s machine, I would watch those damn follicles all day long!


Ann1 - April 12

CC, the follies usually grow about 2mm per day. They should be big enough by iui time. Lots of drs do 24 instead of 36. Supposedly it is better for the sperm to wait for the egg. Since you are doing 2 iuis, 24 sounds good. Your dr does things differently than what I have heard (and differently than the 2 I have seen). Usually they wait until your follie is at least over 16 to do the trigger (your dominant follie may easily be at 16 by tomorrow). My dr waits until one is over 20 to trigger and so did my last dr. However, with 5 follies, they don't want to do a trigger of 5 eggs, because that would be an extremely high risk pregnancy if they all took. So, my guess is that they want to trigger you a little early in the hopes that only 2-3 release eggs. Also, since you aren't on diluted Lupron or something else to make sure you don't release early could be why she does the trigger sooner. Since you are doing the Menopur and nothing else, your body is also producing fsh and lh. Most drs do an u/s on the day you trigger, so you will very likely get one tomorrow. Some do an u/s on the day you get the iui, but if the do, they can't use any lubricant. All this is so stressful--it is ok to be neurotic! Try to relax. It sounds like everything is progressing really well for you! Good luck.


Ann1 - April 12

BTW, I am the same Ann. I had to register today as Ann1, because just Ann was taken.


CC - April 12

Ann-All I can say is thank you! Your whole post made me feel a lot better. I know for a fact I am not getting a u/s tomorrow when I do the trigger, as we didnt schedule one. However, if she doesnt plan on doing a u/s on IUI day # 1, I will ask why and push for one. I think its good to know what you up against and what the follicles have done since trigger, and I think it makes sense. It would make me feel a lot better and it just seems like its something that should be done. I am trying to relax, its really what I need to do. Thank you again!! You said you will start your next cycle in 2 weeks right ? This will be your 2nd cycle of injectables then? How many follicles did you have last cycle ? I wish there was a law that this stuff was required to work the first time around!


Mega - April 12

Hi CC. These injectible cycles move fast, don't they? Your follie sizes sound good, & just to echo what Ann said, they tend to grow 2 mm a day so all should be fine by trigger time. Also I think it's great that your RE does 2 back-to-back IUIs, it's really supposed to up your odds a bit & doing it at 24 & 48 hrs is a common timeframe what I've read. It's confusing isn't it how every dr seems to do things differently. Good luck! I go to my 2nd u/s monitoring appt. today at 10, so I'll probably find out when I should trigger. On Mon., I had 2 follies, 1 at 11mm & the other 14mm, so I really really hope they both grew enough so I'll O 2 this time. On Clomid I'd only have 1 follie a cycle, & I'd really like to have twins.


Ann1 - April 12

CC, I can't tell you how much I wish this had to work the first time around...the needles about push me over the edge. I end up doing 3 or 4 shots every day during the stimulation time. Yes, this is my 2nd round of injectibles. I am not positive about when I start the meds, because I am on birth control pills for 2 weeks and then I have to have another af. From that af, I start the meds on cd3. My guess is that I will start approximately a week from Saturday, if timing goes like last time. I had three mature follies last time. Everything seemed perfect with the follies and timing, but I got yet another BFN! Did you do your trigger already? What time is your iui tomorrow? I guess 9am?


CC - April 12

Mega, the cycles do move so fast. If I were still taking Clomid I wouldnt even be O'ing until next week! I also usually only produced 1 follie on Clomid, expect my 1st month I produced 2. Talk about a let down, so Ann, I can understand where you are coming from with the 3 follies last month. I wouldnt mind twins either, its an overwhelming thought but at this point, if I ever get 1, Im afraid I wont be able to have another. My RE says the inection meds are so much better and stronger then Clomid for most people, so I am hoping your 2 follicles are good sized today and that you even have more. When I had 5 yesterday I couldnt believe it. Just such a better response then the Clomid for me. Let me know how your u/s went today. Ann, I did trigger today @ 9:00 and you are right, IUI #1 is @ 9:00 tomorrow morning. Im nervous, excited, the whole ball of wax all rolled into one. Just hoping, praying, and wanting this to work badly, like we all do. You are close to starting your new cycle. Why do they have you taking b/c pills now ? The only thing I can think of is cysts, but is it to try and bring on af ? I didnt think they used b/c pills for that. There is so much to learn, thats what I love this forum. I can constantly gain information and arm myself with my "degree" so to speak!


Mega - April 13

CC--Good luck on IUI #1 today. That's great. I'm so eager to hear how this cycle goes for you, b/c I've read lots of good things about doing 2 IUIs. Wow, 5 follies, that's an excellent response. Well, I trigger tonight, & my IUI is on Sat. at 9 AM. Only 1 of the 2 follies kept growing, it was at 17.5 mm yesterday but there were 2 more follies at 12 mm each in the same ovary, so my dr said it's possible that they could keep on growing & be big enough to O on Sat. too, esp. since I did one final Repronex shot last night. So we'll see. And good luck with IUI #2 too. Join Ann & I in the Ladies Who Have Done IUI thread!


Ann1 - April 13

Hi CC. How did your iui go?? How were your follies? Like I have told you with the Lupron, my dr is very precise about the meds. So, I take BCPs to shut my body down from producing fsh/lh for 2 weeks before I start the stim meds (this is the process before ivf as well). There are also theories that the meds they give you may produce higher quality eggs, so they want the effects of the shots of fsh/lh only. So confusing! Also, my RE won't do an iui if you have over 4 mature follies, so regulating the fsh/lh helps that as well. I just talked to my dh and my meds arrived at home!


CC - April 14

Hi Mega/Ann-IUI # 1 went good I think. Dh had 47 million sperm pre-wash w/ a 42% motility, and after wash he had 17 million w/ a 78% motility. RE seemed happy and said a sample between 3-10 million post wash was good. At least we have that in our favor! Mega, I wish you tons and tons of luck on Saturday..17.5 certainly sounds good, even 2 days before IUI. My RE didnt scan me before the IUI, she said it wasnt good and not neccesary. She says to O on your own, the follies have to be 20 or over and they are never worried about early O and that the trigger is almost always a sure bet to O w/in 36 hours. I dont know how much of that I really believe, but for now, I will have to trust her. So Ann, I dont know how many follies I actually ended up with, which seems strange to me. I do think I O'd today though after IUI, I could feel pains on both sides, like when I was on Clomid and would O. I never felt O until I started taking the drugs..Did either of you bleed/cramp much afterwards ? The cramps come and go, but I have moderate bleeding mostly when I wipe, but am wearing a panty liner that has brown blood on it to.
Thanks for the invite to your thread, I will come join tomorrow after my 2nd IUI and report back!


Mega - April 14

Hi CC, really good post-wash #s, that's great. My RE likes more the 10 mil post wash, so you definitely have way more than that. I think it's usually better to O after the IUI, so hopefully the spermies are there waiting for the egg, not vice versa. Good luck with IUI 2. And thanks for the well wishes for my IUI. I've never bleed after the IUI, could you be experiencing O bleeding? I do find IUIs crampy, but only during the procedure. Once the cathetar is removed I'm fine. In the off chance though that they nicked something at IUI #1, maybe you should mention the bleeding to your dr. I'm sure it's fine though, but it's always good to double check. Okay, well I better get off here & get back to work. Talk to you later, on the other thread. Yay!


Ann1 - April 14

CC, I am glad your iui went well. I have bled after 2 of my 7 iuis. Both times they had difficulty getting through my cervix. My dr says the bleeding is caused, because the cells on the cervix are very delicate. Unless it is really painful or you also have a fever, it is normal. My dr has the same thought about how you definitely O if you get the trigger, but I am not so sure. I would like to see an u/s!


Ann1 - April 18

CC, how are you doing?? Any updates?


CC - April 18

Hi Ann-Sorry I never came to the IUI thread. You guys are so active and busy posters that honestly, I dont think I could keep up and didnt want to be a random poster here and then on such a busy thread! IUI # 2 went ok too-dh's count and motility was up for the 1st one, go figure. I think post wash we ended up w/ 18 million @ 80something percent motility. Now I am in the dreaded and slow 2ww. Pregnancy test on 4-28. Was thinking maybe I was developing a cyst on the left side the last few days, although I have none of the symptoms really except bloating and I chalked that up to the meds. I am on progesterone suppositories so I wondered if that causes sore bbs and cramping. I have both, and couldnt find anything about either as a s/e of the progesterone. Im just patiently waiting I guess. Some days I feel good about it, and days like today, I feel hopeless for no reason! Thanks for checking on me, you are so sweet. Where in your cycle are you w/ all your meds ?


Ann1 - April 18

CC, wow, 4/28! For some reason, I thought more time had passed. I guess I am vicariously living through your 2ww.:) I stopped taking BCPs on Sunday, and I am waiting for af. She should arrive tomorrow. Then I will start the injectibles on cd3, I think. I know what you mean about jumping into a busy thread. I am glad you gave me the update. I have been wondering how things are going for you. I have heard you should drink a lot of water if you develop cysts/get over stimulated. I hope you aren't having any pain. The meds made me feel bloated, so it could be that as well.


CC - April 18

Ann, you can live vicariously through me during the 2ww, but its so dreadful you shouldnt! I am part of a few threads regularly, and even though Im sure we dont mean to, when random people jump in here and then, they seem to get ignored a little. I dont want to disrupt what is already going on. I tried to get all of your down on that thread and what was going on w/ each of you, but you guys are mad posters!!! I couldnt follow it, and there is nothing worse. Anyway-sounds so odd to say, but hope AF gets here soon for you so you can get started. Seems like we are always waiting for something doesnt it?



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