Injections and RE monitoring
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CC - April 7

This is my 1st cycle taking Menopur injections. Im just wondering for those doing injections, how many days after your 1st injection does your RE want to see you for any type of monitoring (blood work, ultra sounds etc)..I know answers will vary but just curious. My RE is letting me go 6 days before seeing me for b/w and u/s.


Lynn - April 7

Hey chick...I think I answered this on our other post. I go every three days until they are the size the RE is looking for. Different medication may play a part in this.


isa - April 8

HI CC, I start my baseline monitoring u/s and b/w on either cd2 or cd3 and injections start cd3 if all ok. I then go back cd 6, cd8 and depending what they see either cd9 or cd10 and once there is at least one at 16mm (usually my cd 10 or 11) I have to go in daily for b/w, u/s so as not to miss ovulation. Good luck


Ann - April 8

CC, on what day are you starting injections? I am not sure from your post if you mean that your RE is going to see you on cd6 when you started taking meds on say cd3 or if you mean he doesn't want to see you until you have been on meds for 6 days. I started Menopur and Follistim on cd3 last cycle, and the dr checked me on cd5, cd7, and cd8. By cd8 just 5 days after starting meds, I was ready for the trigger shot. I had iui one week after I started the meds. So if you mean your dr is not going to check you until you have been on meds for 6 days, that is way too long! Good luck to you.


CC - April 8

Thanks for all the responses. Ann, I started my injections on cd 3, but she isnt seeing me for 6 more days after that, which will be cd 9, and 6 days of shots. So, I agree with you, its way to long to be going unmonitored. I dont want to be over stimulated, and I dont want to miss an early O, if I might do it on my own from the meds. I didnt think it might be too long until I had already made the appointment. Guess I can see if they can get me in on Monday instead of Tuesday, but if not, I will know better for next time, if there is one. Hopefully I am a slow responder to the meds.
Thanks again and good luck!


Ann - April 9

CC, are you taking anything else with the Menopur? Maybe it works more slowly if you are only taking that and not the Follistim as well. Also, is your dr giving you anything to keep your body from producing fsh/lh so you won't release an egg early? My dr put me on diluted Lupron to prevent an early release. I had to do a diluted Lupron shot twice per day while I was doing the stimulation meds. I have only done one injectible cycle so far (will start another in about 2 weeks, I think.


isa - April 9

CC I would ask to go in before 6 days for u/s and b/w. In my case some months he has to cut the amount of injectible med every couple of days. One month I started on 4 viles and eventually the last night I took 1/2 of 1 vile. Every couple of days he cut it down a bitI. I think because things are either groing to fast with eggs, or I am getting too many or my estrogen is too high etc etc.


Mega - April 9

Hi CC! I started my 1st cycle of injectibles on Thurs. (Repronex) & I have my 1st monitoring appt (u/s & e2 b/w) tomorrow. I think my RE said from that point on though that I'll come back everyother day or so. You're right though, that does seem a rather long time to wait b/wn your baseline u/s & your 1st follow up. Hopefully as Ann said though the Menopur makes for slow growing. Are you getting any ovary pain now or anything? I'm not really, so I'm real curious to see what the what is tomorrow. Were you able to get in on Mon. instead? I see in a later post you said you were going to call them & see. Good luck!


CC - April 9

Ann-Im not taking anything else besides the Menopur, so maybe you are right and that it just goes slower. I will ask about Lupron or something of the like when I call tomorrow, since they arent giving me anything like that. (Good idea) Mega, I am having some small cramping and every now and then a twinge on either ovary, but no real pain. Hopefully I can get in tomorrow instead of Tuesday morning, or at least talk to the office to ease my mind. My husband thinks I am worrying for nothing, but I think its a valid concern. Thanks for all the responses, I really appreicate it.


Ann - April 10

CC, my dh is the same way--always assuming everything is "fine." I had twinges too. I just assumed that meant the follies were growing. I also wondered if I would have noticed the twinges had I not been hyper-focused on my body.:) Let us know how your first visit goes. I hope you can get in on Monday/Tuesday.


Ann - April 10

CC, any luck getting an earlier appt?


CC - April 10

Hi Ann, thanks for asking. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so I didnt call them today at all. My dh kept telling me that my RE knows what she is doing, so since I already had an appointment tomorrow, I figured it would be ok and I would discuss it w/ my RE tomorrow. I''ll let her know that if we have a next month with her, I dont want to go 6 days without seeing her. Who knows, I may go tomorrow and not have any follicles! Thanks for asking and thinking about me. Good luck on your next cycle when you start!


Ann - April 10

CC, I am glad you will know soon. Dealing w/the drs can be so frustrating! Let me know how your follies look. You are the only other person I've talk with that also takes Menopur. I thought that shot really hurts! What did you think? Let me know how your follies are doing, too. I am sure they are there!


isa - April 11

CC good luck with your appt in the morning. Keep us posted on your progress. The one thing I have learned is the more info I have the more questions I can ask and the better informed I feel as a patient. A good doctor will never criticize you for being an aware patient.


Mega - April 11

Good luck today with your appt., CC. Let us know how your follies look. I hope you have a few, nice, big ones!


Ann1 - April 11

CC, did you go to your appt??


CC - April 12

Hi all-You guys are so sweet to check in on me. I think the girls on my other thread are probably ready to kill me about now, I am so neurotic. I just want this to work is all I guess. I have 5 follicles, 2 on my right and 3 on my left. I have 1 thats 12, 3 that are 13, and 1 thats 14. Here is where I am freaked. My RE told me to do another night of Menopur shots (tonight since she likes them to be 16 or bigger), trigger tomorrow @ 9:00 am, then IUI #1 Thursday@ 9:00 (24 hours later) and IUI # 2 Friday @ 9:15 (48 hours after trigger)..I wondering a few things-will my follicles be the right size and big enough by Thursday morning, and why am I doing the 1st IUI within 24 hours of the trigger and not 36 hours ? Does this all sound right to you ? I dont know if they are going to do another u/s after the trigger tomorrow, and before the IUI on Thursday morning, but shouldnt they ? (I should have asked and didnt think about it until a few hours ago)..This is my 1st IUI, Im trying to relax, but really wanting it to work, so the two dont go hand in hand. I think I start over researching things, then I get worried. I wish I had my own u/s machine, I would watch those damn follicles all day long!



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