injectables....after 3rd round of clomid?
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jencle - January 21

Hi- I'm 31 and have been TTC for a a year- with no luck. I just completed my seconf round of clomid and it didn't work. I seem to fall in the unexplained infertility category....hormone levels are all fine, regular 29 day cycle and 3-4 large follicles past 2 clomid cycles. My dr. says my response to clomis is "textbook". (not very reassurring) My husband also has normal sperm.
Anyway- this 3rd round of clomid is my last chance before my dr. moves on to injectables....Has anyone had luck with that? I'm so frustrated...I cried for 2 days when AF showed up. To top it all off, my sister called when AF started and told me she was pregnant! But she and my family kept it secret because they felt bad for me....made me feel like the freak in the family everyone has to be sensitive to....Uggggh!


Elyse - January 21

Sensitivity is awful sometimes, jsut tell me stuff - I can take it. Anyway. I'm 35 now and ttc again. My partner and I had our first 18 months ago. I was on injectables from the very beginning - never took Clomid or any oral drugs. My doc put me on Repronex and we conveived after the 1st IUI. This is our 1st cycle this time around and I was on Repronex again. I am in the 2ww now- testing jan 30th. The injectables are a more aggressive approach. I am SOOOOOO glad your doc will put you on them now. Some women here have been on Clomid for up to 2 years - with no results and their docs haven't even talked about changing to injectables. Clomid helps your body produce LH and FSH, but injectables actually contain it, that's the diff. Hopefully this will be your cycle. BABY DUST!


jencle - January 21

Hi Elyse Thanks for the encouragement. I am very happy to hear you and your partner have already been blesses with a beautiful baby! My dr. actually said they will only do 3 rounds of clomid because it can have undesirable effects later. I am glad to hear that injectables are moe aggressive....and that you had luck with it the first time.....I will keep my fingers crossed for you...waiting is the worst!
Baby dust to you too!


Elyse - January 21

Thanks! I was busy for a couple hours - finally took the tree down. What cd are you on? How big were your follicles and how thick was your lining?


jencle - January 23

Sorry- my computer went haywire this weekend. I am CD 6 and taking last round of clomid. I just had my baseline ultrasound - no I began taking the clomid 3 days ago. I almost didn't want to try clomid again but the dr said that my response to 50mg of clomid is "textbook" . I had 3 follicles the first cycle (18, 14, and 15 sizes) and my lining was at 9. My second cycle I had 4 follicles (21, 18, 15, 14) with lining of 8.5. These were sizes a day or 2 before they did IUI. Does this sound normal?


Elyse - January 23

Hi Jencle. The follicles do sound good for a day or 2 b/f IUI. My doc waits until I have 2 follicles that are at least 18 bf we do the IUI. This time I had 4 - they were 24.5, 18, 16 and 15.5 - that was 2 days before the IUI.



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