Information about Clomid
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Jessica - October 25

Hi ladies
I've been ttc for 6 months and have made an app. to see my doctor on friday. I have a feeling i'm not ovulating. i want to start taking clomid. Is there anyone else using it?


haether*s - October 25

i am taking it. 50mg of clomid after having blood test,hsg...all was normal& my hubbys sperm count.
then doctor prescribed me after3 mths so bad i took my 4 pill one more to go thenwe will see what will be the result/?/
u can check ur ovulation with ovulation predictor kit.i am ovulating but still doc prescribed me,see what will happen???


KellyN - October 25

I'm using it too. I took 100mg cd 3-7. This is my third time taking it, and my second time with IUI/clomid.


Jessica - October 25

I have the saliva ovulation kit and according to that I'm not ovulating. I'm sure my doctor will want to do a bunch of tests before he just perscribes it to me. how long have you been ttc. I've been trying for 6 months. My period wasn't due until tomorrow but yesterday i had some cramps and i'm spotting. I left work early and went home to sob. I really thought that I was pregnant this time. I'm still holding on to the hope that it may be implantation bleeding.



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