info for those who are dry down below
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preseed user not pg yet - September 1

Just fyi i found out today from doc that being dry down below can mean your mucous is too thick. She checked me out and said it looked quite thick and she is testing it. Don't know what the fix is but may be one of the reasons we havent been able to conceive yet. Just thought you gals might be interested and suggest if your dry you might want to get checked out to possibly eliminate yet another possible problem before it gets too late.


Court - September 2

I recently read about Preseed. How long have you been using it? My DH and I have always used KY but found out that's a big no-no when trying to conceive.


to court - September 2

We have been using it for several months during my fertile times only due to cost. I have to import it so it gets rather expensive and takes about 6 weeks to come as it get stuck in cutoms. I love it and if it were available cheaper i'd use it all the time. You are right ky is a big no no. Now i'm not sure about this but yesterday doc told me we could use olive oil. Messy yes but she says it is safe to use.I dont want the oil its too messy. i like the natural feel of the preseed.


egg white - September 4

I don't know if you've heard of this before, but actual egg white can be used, as it is the same acidity as fertile mucous, and is the closest thing in nature to it. You have to make sure that you don't get any yolk in it, and that it is at room temperature. Also, try to use it straight after cracking the egg open. Then, you use it just like a lube, trying to get as much inside as possible. Sounds pretty gross, I know, but I have read a lot about this and it seems to work for a lot of people. I had this on my short list of things to try, as I had chlyamidia in the past, and I wasn't sure if I could conceive, but I was lucky, and didn't have to try this. I would suggest it though, as a natural and cheap alternative. Search it on the net for more info.


miranda - September 4

also ask your dr about estradiol. thats what my dr has me on for the drying of clomid...and it helps support a pregnancy...


miranda - September 4

...its fairly cheap but you have to get it by prescription....i think i paid $13 for 7 pills.....


preseed user - September 5

to egg white -i too have read about it and spoke to my fertility doc and he said i risk the chance of infection (i'm very prone down there to getting them ) and he said it wasnt such a great idea but if i wanted to risk it go ahead -uh no thanx i get enough problems without adding to them but thanx for the thought. To miranda I'm not (yet) on clomid but i sure will keep that in mind. thanx



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