infertility worries
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Julie - August 14


I am 33 years old and went off the pill in early May. I immediately recommenced having periods (within 2 days of discontinuing the pill) and have had regular periods since this time. My periods have always been regular.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since going off the pill with no luck. I am very concerned there may be something wrong as although I am having regular periods, i do not seem to get the stretchy 'egg white' mucous that accompanies ovulation. In addition, I have recently bought some ovulation predictor kits (Clear Plan and Fortel) and I always get a negative result - indicating perhaps that I am not ovulating? However, I do tend to feel twinges (similar to period pain) around the time I should be ovulating. This is very confusing. I hope you can help.

Thank you very much,


chicks - August 14

Hi Julie! I know how this feels as I've been trying for a year now and have just possibly ovulated for the first time on Thursday of last week. I would definately go to your doctor and express your concerns. If you're not ovulating, then you can't get pregnant, right? The pill does mess up your system and you haven't been off of it that long, you're body may just be trying to regulate itself. I had PCOS which is why I wasn't ovulating (which was found out after 10 months of heartbreak) so my doctor has me on Metformin to try and correct it and I think I actually ovulated this month (here's hoping).. So, if you are concerned, please go to the doctor and tell them that you don't feel you are ovulating. Are you recording BBT? I honestly suggest doing that because that helps a lot along with using OPK's.. Good luck to you and keep in touch!


Laura - August 14

Hi Julie. I agree with "chicks" you should see your Dr. to find out if something else is going on. I'm 32 and I too have PCOS. Most women do not find out they have PCOS until they start ttc. It basically results in little to no ovulation (among other things) so that might be your is very common. Also if you have PCOS the ovulation sticks will not work properly b/c they measure hormone levels that are messed up in women with PCOS. Hopefully you just need a bit more time to adjust after the pill, but just in case you should see your Dr.
Good luck!


Laura ( a diff one!) - August 14

Yes I agree too. It is worth going to your doctor just for blood tests to see if you're ovulating. I too had regular periods after coming off the pill straight away but am having some difficulties with O! I think your twinges are a good sign though and not everyone produces EWCM and people still get pregnant without it. Like Chicks said there is no point wastign time trying to conceive if there is a problem(and there may well not be!)-chicks-thanks for your advice on another topic and congrats on O! -heres hoping for this month!



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