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Ms. Coates - September 20

I have been trying to conceive for about 3 years now. I am on my 1st week of ovulex. Does anyone know if this stuff works or have they tried it for themselves. Please let me know. Keep me posted.


mommywannabe - September 20

I was wondering the same thing. I am thinking about buying a bottle myself and have read that it does work, however I haven't seen much about it on this site but read on another message board that it worked the first month for some girl and she just delivered in August, so I am sure it does or at least wouldn't hurt. I'd love to hear on here that it worked for someone.


jojo33 - September 22

hi ladies well i tried ovulex for 6 months nothing didnt even regulate my periods im now on fertlaid and it seems like its been working alot better than ovulex but who knows i hope it works for you guys if read more on this site you will find alot of people it didnt work on well good luck



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