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wendre06 - June 14

me and my fiance have being trying to conceive for about 3 yrs.. just 6 months ago, we both took fertility tests. mine came out normal but we found out that he had real low sperm count. the doctors seem to hav advice us to do alot of things to conceive, but i feel like its also my part.. i have irregular periods. ive been having them for about 8 years. i was on birth control for 3 years. could it be that the birth control might of made me infertile? its so hard to determine when i ovulate when my periods are so irregular. is there any way i can tell when and whether i ovulate? please help!!!


NicoleM - June 14

Have you read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? That's a book you'll see recommended here a lot. It is wonderful for teaching you about your cycle and learning when you ovulate and a lot more... Good luck to you.


sheryl - June 14

I was on birth control for 10 years and after I got off, my periods were irregular. Turns out that I wasn't O'ing. I am on Clomid now and I am O'ing and periods are regular. Have you been tested to see if you were O'ing?



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