Increasing Fertility?
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Brandi-Lynn - April 19

Has anyone heard of the herb Agnus Castus (Vitex or Chaste tree berry)?? its to help restore hormone imbalance and increase fertility. I'm not big on taking herbs, but this one sounds interesting.


jg - April 20

Yes - I'm on it - I google'd it and found a lot of interesting information that suggests it boosts your fertility, so I take 2 x 100mg tablets every morning. The information suggests to stop taking it as soon as you get pregnant.


jg - April 20

Woops I meant to say s x 1000mg tablets. :D


jg - April 20

Aurgh wrong again!!! lol. 2 x 1000mg tablets per day. Hahaha I'm a psycho typer today! lol


KariD - April 20

hey brandi-lynn...yeah im taking vitex as well, im taking 2 800mg tablets per day, just starting taking them actually...ive heard great things about it so that why i decided to try it, been TTC for over a year, and i have irregular cycles, .also been taking fertilitea everyday for about a month...i've notice my temps are not all over the place like before i guess it might be working slowly.....keep you posted


Brandi-Lynn - April 20

Thanks for the posts. I think i will definately look into taking Vitex.



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