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NVgirl - March 23

Hi my name is Michele -- just wanted to start a new thread geared towards us beautiful 30-somethings that are trying to conceive. I am 33 years old and DH is 31 we live in Northern Nevada (Any Nevadans out there?) near Lake Tahoe 35 minutes from the California border. I was pregnant back in 2005 & had a miscarriage when I was 9-weeks on October 31st – Halloween of all days. My OB/GYN said to wait 3 cycles before TTC again. So we started TTC in January. Welp, Jan and Feb have come and gone… so I am hoping March is the month. Today I am CD18, 6-dpo – so I am in the 2WW with AF due on the 29th or 30th. I love all the support you ladies provide on this site... so that is why I am here! Here is to us 30-somethings <<BABY DUST>>


bj - March 23

Hi, NV. I am 32, and have been trying for a little over 3 years. I've been on some shots for endometriosis. After my next cycle though, we can start trying again. I hope to hear some good news from you soon. By the way, I'm from Oklahoma.


claire j - March 23

Hi im 34 this year from N-Ireland.dh and i have been married for 6 yrs and have been trying for a baby all that time, I have endo and only one ovary. we had ivf in April 05 and it worked 1st time unfortunatley my waters broke at 14 wks but baby Jack clung onto life for another 2 wks daily scans showing heartbeat, it was a horrendous time knowing that he wouldnt survive. At 16 wks i gave birth he was stillborn and beautiful, we"ll NEVER forget him,but were about to start again nxt week. Good luck to you all, never give up.


Mega - March 23

Claire J--I'm so sorry to hear about your stillborn baby boy. Good luck trying again. I wish you a healthy, full term pregnancy next time. I'm 31, DH is 34, TTC #1, we've been trying since we got married in Sept. 2004. I have PCOS & he has low morphology. I just had Ovarian Drilling done last month for the PCOS & am hoping that does the trick. This is my 1st cycle post surgery, I'm currently 5 DPO, 6 DP IUI, so we're on a similiar cycle I guess, NVgirl. I'm from Cincinnati, OH. Baby Dust back atcha!


NVgirl - March 23

Good morning ladies. Glad you stopped by to say hello. BJ: I am so sorry it has taking so long for you to get pg. My cousin has endometriosis as well and had to have IVF after 4 years of ttc… she now has 2 beautiful children. So don’t give up! You’ll become a mother, I know it! CLAIRE J: I am extremely sorry to read about your baby. That must have been so difficult for you and your DH. How are you holding up these day? You know that all of us ladies here are always a great source as a “virtual shoulder” so please if you ever need to let it out, feel free. MEGA: Welcome to the site. Sorry to read about your troubles. I hope your surgery was a success and that you become pregnant. Today I am CD19, 7-dpo. I really don’t have any early pregnancy symptoms, at which I am feeling a little discouraged. 6 more days to testing.


Mega - March 23

Well, NVgirl, it's still early, there's still hope for you. I keep telling myself that too. And sometimes, no signs can be a good sign too. Here's hoping that's the case for you! But also at 7 DPO you might not have implanted yet, or just barely implanted thus no early signs. Did you take any drugs this cycle, or is this a natural cycle for you? Thank you! I'm eager to see if I can become another Ovarian Drilling success story!


NVgirl - March 23

MEGA: I haven't taken any drugs, but am wondering if I might need some.


Mega - March 23

Have your cycles since the m/c in Oct. been regular since then? It certainly sounds like you O on your own. Still Clomid might be something to discuss with your dr, give you another edge.


NVgirl - March 23

MEGA: I have had regular normal periods since my m/c. It was like my body bounced back so easily. But cannot seem to get pg as easy as the 1st time, though. I actually bought a bottle of Ovulex herbal fertility aid at the begining of the month and will use it if I don't get pg this month. But I might take a month off from trying to relax my body some and then go from there.


Mega - March 23

I've heard lots of good things from people on break cycles, it can do wonders. But hopefully it won't come to that or to Ovulex for you!


NVgirl - March 23

MEGA: Thanks for the encouragement. I totally needed that!


Mega - March 23

You're welcome! :) I'll keep the encouragement coming then & you can do the same for me! Have a great night!


Tracy - March 24

Hey, ladies. My name is Tracy, I am 36 years old, and I live in Jupiter, Florida (just north of west palm beach). I have been TTC for about a year and half; had some tests done and so far so good. Took 3 cycles of clomid; didn't work. Seeing a new doctor on April 12th. May go straight for IVF. We'll see. Best wishes!!!


LeslieK - March 24

Hello: I'm 36 and have been TTC for 6 months. I am currently on CD24 and in the horrible 2ww. I too have been looking for support as this is my second time around (12 y.o. DD) and all my friends are way past this stage in life. My DH has no children of his own and he's very excited about the prospect. Hopefully we can make a dream come true for us both.


bj - March 24

Hi, ladies. Just know that it is never too late, and there is ALWAYS hope!


NVgirl - March 31

Hi ya --- sorry it has been a week since I last wrote in. I have been having a weird 8 days I have to tell ya. I have possibly an enlarged thyroid and they want to do x-rays on my throat to make the diagnosis. SO last Friday (March 24) they sent me over to the Lab to get blood drawn to see if I was pregnant. Results came back on Monday – BFN. So they sent me up for x-rays on Apr 3rd. Then on Tuesday I started spotting and figured AF was here – Wed, spotting – Thurs spotting (just the brown color that you’d get when your AF is ending). I never got a flow… never even spotted on my panties. So I decided to take a HPT yesterday and it said BFP. So I called the Family Practice doc and said I got a BFP and cannot do the x-rays. They didn’t believe me… they said blood tests are accurate and it should have come out as a positive last week. Well, they tested me at 8dpo so it might have been way too early. Anyhow, I am still doing the brown spotting stuff so I called the OBGYN today. I should actually say --- For peace of mind I called the OBGYN office and got an appointment to get my blood drawn. SOOO I just got back from getting that done and I am a little peeved. They are only checking my hCG levels and not my Progesterone levels. They said it is too early for that. Hmfff! So now I have to wait until Monday to get the test results back... I am waiting once again for test results! DH was weird last night. I think he is being a woman and not getting his hopes up until I reach 10 weeks, but he did something that threw me. He called a friend and then told me to tell them the “News.” I was scared for 2 reasons – 1. We weren’t going to tell anyone (except you ladies of course) and 2. She and her DH have been TTC for over a year and I didn’t want to make it a sad time for them – since this is the 2nd time for me in the last 6 months. But I told the story of the neg blood test and then the pos HPT and she was really excited… then she goes on to say she is 6-weeks pg and her DH told my DH 2 days prior – but everyone wanted to keep it from me. AGH!!! Do they think I am that fragile?? Anyhow, I am so excited for them, especially since they have been TTC for way over a year. She is one of those people that have an extremely irregular period so I actually bought her 2 boxes of OPKs and mailed them off to her and said you need to use these if you are going to hit the right day. That was about 2 months ago and she said the OPKs made life so much easier when it came to TTC. LOL, so I said – you know I should have some compensation like being a God Mother or something! But it is so weird, She is soooo excited (Being her 1st) and I am so hum drum about mine. I am not excited, but scared to death… I know what happened last time… and I have spotting now… so even if I have someone that is close to me and is pregnant at the same time I think – what if something happens (ie m/c – to either one of us)…could it ruin the relationship? How sad is that? Anyhow, according to the calculator I should be due Dec 7th – Pearl Harbor Day. I have been at a clients office since 6:40am and just actually got home (10:42am)… I think I need a nap, even though the tummy is growling for food. Until next time…


Mega - March 31

Wow, it has been an eventful several days for you, NVgirl. Let us know when you get the results back from today's beta. I'll keep my fingers' crossed for you that you are PG & the spotting isn't indicative of a problem. I hope this baby sticks for you. Just like you worried about your friend who had been TTC for a year, she obviously felt the same about you, I don't think they think your fragile they just care about your reaction. Anyway, good luck to you & hang in there. I'm sure it's a very stressful time for you, but we're here and hopefully this will be a healthy, happy baby.



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