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Meghan - July 7

Hi everyone. I have a question...When I was 16 (i am now almost 21) I had an abortion, After I had it i was in alot of pain for about 2 weeks. My periods have never been odd or anything other then the fact that they are never bright red only brown and thick. (sorry tmi I know) I was wondering if maybe they Messed up (in your opinion) because I am ttc right now But not having any luck and when I look back I probably should Have been Pregnant a few times in the past. thank you for your advice.
and good luck to everyone trying.


slowpoke01 - July 9

meghan i would suggest that you go to the doctor and have testing and see what they say there could be other things wrong such as your progesterone may be too low or maybe you have a blocked tube or anything so the best way to know if something is wrong is to have testing done and also dh should get a sperm analysis done that way you will know what is going on with both of you thats my opinion


Jaqi - July 9

I agree with my girl need to talk to an obgyn or an re (reproductive endocronoligist). Abortions can cause blocked tubes and scaring. Good luck and keep your head up. Don't dwell on the past, what's done is done. Just keep your head up for the future!



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