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KK - November 7

Hi there, i was just wondering if i can ask my doc for clomid to help me concieve multiples?? I am getting ahead of myself as im struggling to concieve 1 without clomid. I havent ever tried clomid before as ive only been ttc 7 mths. We really would liek multiples but its jsut a thought :) Any advice appreciated x


to kk - November 8

check the sister site, multiples and pregnancy. This is not the place for this question. You are opening up a can of worms.


to kk - November 8

I would check out the sister site labled twins and multiples. You are opening a can of worms on here.


~S - November 8

You have a 10% of twins on clomid regardless of dosage. Do keep in mind that twins complicate a pregnancy even more than one, and come with a lot of risks. Take care and hope this helps. Like stated before there is a thread on the other forum especially for women trying to conceive twins. Maybe they can help you out. I will just be happy for 1!!!



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