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Sugarbunnie - July 14

My best friend is 22 years old she just got married june 18th when they got back from the honeymoon she had a pregnancy scare she took a test and it was negative she was ok with the results because she was waiting to get in to a nusrsing school. She did not get in this time and has to be put on a two year waiting list. so now the problem she really wants to try to have a baby she has been on the pill for about 5 years and is worried she wont get pregnant right away. does anyone know how long it takes after you get off the pill? will it take longer since she was on birth control for so long? is there anythin she can do to increase her chances? please help she is very excited/ anxious


Carrie - July 14

A good friend of mine was on birth control for 11 years and after going off the pills, she tried for only 3 months and got pregnant. However there are others who it takes a while for their system to get back in order. So it's kind of hard to give you a good answer but with any luck, she'll be like my friend and get pregnant right away!



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