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april! - May 17

what are the chances of getting pregnant the day before i ovulate? me and my fiance have been trying for 6 moth to have a baby! so this month we did it everyday i am ovulating to day! and i had sex on all my fertile days! yesterday was my most fertile day so i hope it worked! thanks alot for reading this so will u please give me a quick answer!!!


nancy - May 17

the best time to make love is 2-3 days before ovulation because the sperm can live up to 3 days, so i guess u have a better chance of getting pregnant because u said that make love almost everyday during your fertile days, so i guess u did not miss any fertile day. Just pray and baby dust to you.


april - May 17

well thank u soo much!!! thats sweet well i really do think i am prego this time!!! i hope anyways! thnks alotzzz!



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