Implementation Problems
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Ashley - January 11

Have any of you had problems conceiving specifically due to difficulty when implanting? My husband and I have been ttc for 1 year. I have a normal cycle and have normal hormone levels. He has a normal sperm count. I ovulate and everything seems good, except the lack of success. I have miscarried once very early on, and have had a couple of months where I know that i have been pregnant, but then got my period. Any idea of what we can do?


Becca - January 11

Ask your ob/gyn about using estrace to make sure your lining is thick enough and then maybe using progesterone after ovulation to help aid in implantation. My SIL had the same problem and these steps worked for her.


Ashley - January 13

Thanks Becca, I am due to have a HSG test on Monday and we will take it from there ...that is what my obgyn said, but I just know that won't fix it....


*.* - January 13

does anyone know much does it cost to have a semen analysis test done?



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