implante could make it hard ????
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wanda - July 17

insted of taking the pill i had an impante put in my arm
i had i taken out 5 monthes ago and am trying hard to
have baby but no luck yet! could it be because i had an imlante?i have heard its not very good .


Lena - July 17

Yes, this is very possible, though eventually fertility should return. The precursor for the human implant was a product called Ovuplant that was developed for cattle and also used in horses. It was discontinued two years ago for this very reason.


cb - July 18

if it is the same as the implanon rod, that gets inserted into the arm, i had it in for 11 months! after seven months of trying i fell preg, than at only 5 weeks i had a miscarige that was in march. Now i am 5 weeks pregnant again and so far all is going well!! It took a while for my cycles to get back to normal, but i think it just takes time!! But than i knew someone who fell pregnant while they had it in there arm still!! She had a healthy baby girl!! Good luck with it and dont just give up **baby dust to you ** :)


Jennifer - July 18

Actually its different for every one friend had hers in for 5 years , she took it out and fell pregnant within 2 months...we couldnt believe how fast it happened either,so good luck....


wanda - July 18

thank you !!!



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