implantation bleeding? please help
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dmsag07 - October 14

my husband and i have been trying now for about 3 months and no luck. i had a normal period somewhere between two and three weeks ago but yesterday morning i started again. i usually have cramps for like a week before my period that kind of "warn" me its coming i guess, but none this time. it was different than normal, looked different, kinda watery and was pretty slow at first but got kind of heavy and i am still on it today. it's not all that heavy but couldn't really be considered light. i have cramps and my boobs and my whole abdomen feel sore. i took an early detection pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. i also have a lot of cramps in my right side, next to my hip bone but on the inside of it. could this be implantation bleeding since that's the only thing in the right time frame or would it have made the test show up positive? could it just be that I got my period early? it just seems odd to me that it was so early. any ideas about what it might be would help. thanks for any help you can give me.


Lucky717 - October 14

What cycle day are you on? How long ago did you o?



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