implantation bleeding or periods?
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sarah_n - May 7

iam on clomid for last three cycles. In the third cycle i ovulated (confirmed through ultrasound). And got insemination done on the same day (Apr 22). My last period started on Apr 5th. On May 6th, morning i had little bleeding which continued through night. Morning, May 7th, i could see thick blood coming out.
But amount of blood is quite less compare to the amount in my usual periods. Iam do not have any signs of pregnancy and my home pregnancy test came to be negative (on may 6th morning before bleeding started). Could i be pregnant or its just my periods?? please advise.


Katt - May 7

probably your period though as they say anything can happen. I gather implantation bleeding is more spotting than actual bleeding and usually pinkish-brown in color. which if you spot b4 periods like I do it can cause a world of mess in the head as it starts the same time implant would, lol - sucky. I don't know much about clomid but I hear it can really play around with cycles. Ask your doctor. Also, hcg doesn't show up until after implant so hang in there. Some women I know and read about have gone months w/o a BNP but are pregnant. Go figure. Good Luck and babydust to you!


Katt - May 7

oops BFP, sorry



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