Implantation Bleeding???? 1 day after IUI?
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ANRhodes - January 25

I have a question too! I had IUI procedure yesterday and just a few minutes ago I went to the restroom and there was a thick clear jelly like substance with a brownish red mix in it. Could this be implantion bleeding this soon or maybe just some bleeding from the procedure? I am FREAKING out! Please help!


cspears99 - January 25

Hi I had that a few times after my IUI's I don't think it could implantation bleeding yet, it wouldn't happen that soon, they told me it was normal to have that after an IUI, because it can be irritated, with mine they had to manual open my cervix sometimes so that was from that, good luck, maybe in a few more days you will have implantation bleeding, best wishes!!!


ANRhodes - January 25

I didn't think so either, but I needed someone to tell me! I think maybe the "jelly" was just the ovulation discharge since I had the shot on Sunday. The blood confuses me though. Do you think that maybe it was just from the procedure?


Twangebird - January 25

A little bleeding is completely normal after an IUI and your practioniner should have told you that. When they are trying to insert the syringe into your uterus, they will inadvertantly poke you around the cervix opening. Sometimes it bleeds just a bit and mixes with your vaginal fluid and comes out. Don't worry about it. And implantation bleeding, if you get it at all, would occur any where from 5 to 9 days later.



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