implantation bleeding?
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mrshorse - September 20

Hi everyone! This is my first visit to this site. I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 1/2 years. I had pretty much given up by now and am looking into adoption and IVF. But the I started bleeding last Friday night and it was very light ( no pad even needed). I was only on day 19. My dr made me take a blood test on Monday, but it was negative ofcourse. Should I give up hope or hold out considering that Monday was only day 22. I thought that it may have been ib. What do all of you think. Help me please.


celestia1977 - September 21

Hi Mrshorse. It sounds like it may have been ib, but I'm not the expert. Did it only last one day? I would hold off until at least day 28 and take a hpt. I found out you can buy them at Dollar Tree for a buck! Don't know how reliable they are, but if you search the web, you can find out something I'm sure. Take care.


kelley32 - September 21

Hi ... I had implantation bleeding with this baby. It started on 9 DPO ( CD 24 ) and lasted until the next day ... it was very light and pinkish/light red in color. I tested on 11 DPO and got a faint +, then again on 13 DPO and the + was much darker. I would wait a few days and then do a HPT. Good luck to you.


jojo33 - September 22

hi mrshorse 6 1/2 years is a long time have you asked your doc about pcos or insulin resistance if not you might want to to rule out that or maybe yourtubes may be blocked look in to all of this there has to be a reason also have you tried clomid or fertlaid well i hope this has helped you stay in touch let us know how it is going good luck


mrshorse - September 22

I had a lap in '02 and have had 2 Hcgs. I have taken clomid, follistem ect. and done muliple rounds of IUIs. They have never found anything that would cause infertility in either of us. In my lap, my right tube wasn't blocked but the end of it kida flopped down. They fixed it ofcourse and told us there was nothing they could see that would prevent pregnancy. In this time I have had 2 miscarriages. I also take prgesterone, but am not on it this month because of some test they're performing on me on day 3 next month for our IVF testing. So that's my story I hope it helps. Thanks for all of your help.


slowpoke01 - September 25

it oculd be implantation bleeding so i would wait a few days and do a hpt. the tests from the dollar store are the ones that i used in august when i found out i was pregnant. unfortunately it was ectopic and we had to terminate. but the dollar store test are very reliable. good luck.


mrshorse - September 25

Thank you for the help and I'm so sorry about your ectopic. Good luck to you.



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