Implantation Bleeding?
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Jessica - October 3

Hi Ladies i need some advise. My period was supposed to start on Sept. 30th. I had sex with my husband on the the 27th and woke up the next morning with what i thought was my period. It was light and gone by the 30th then i had sex with my husband yesterday and now i'm spotting again. Do you think I could be pregnant? We've been ttc for 6 months now.


Sophie - October 3

Hi Jessica, if AF is due last 30th and u are just having some spotting, maybe that could be a sign that u are pg, but just to make sure i think u can test by now to find out if you are pg or not.


Nora - October 4

Hi jessisca yes that could be a sign of pregnancy. I'm supposed to start my period on the 5th but got a ligh flow on the 2nd ( only enough to fill up a lightdays pad) went dr. today and took a pregnancy test that came out positive. Took a blood test 1 week ago and came out negative. For some reason it doesn't come out positive right away for me. Also within the first 3 months of pregnancy I spot off and on. I do an ultrasound on friday to see how far along I am. So you should check with your dr. even if it's neg. Hope that helps.


Jessica - October 4

Hi Nora I don't whats going on. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. May be i should go to my doctor in a few days and test again.
This site is such a great support for me. None of my girlfriends are ttc so they don't understand what i've been going through every month. thanks ladies.


sherry - October 4

noone who hasn't ttc can POSSIBLY understand, so i feel your pain. i ttc-ed for 3 1/2 ys, so i know the struggle. i have a great little girl, but we are trying for #2 now. it WILL happen for you, i promise you that. this cycle would be unlikely, cause you had sex only 3 days before your period is due. women usually ovulate mid-cycle, so it would be kind of late, not to burst your bubble, just trying to be honest with you. try buying some cheap ovulation tests strips off of ebay. they work wonders, and will tell you exactly when to BD. good luck hon



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