Implantation bleeding?
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Jade - June 30

I've been really stressed at the moment so not ideal time 2 try for a baby but 2 weeks before my period was due i had sum spotting and cramps for about 2 hours,is this me ovulating or implantation bleeding?im due on in 4 days and ive now been waiting nearly 2 weeks to find out wether im pregnant or not and its driving me mad, i took a preg test bout 4 days ago (i knew it wuld b 2 early to tell) and it was negative,ive read that ovulation bleeding is more of a bleed than spotting so now im confused!!!!any one got ne ideas?


rachy - June 30

hunni it was most likely ovulation because i have had some pain with mine and that was on tuesday ovulation bleeding can be anything from a bleed to a spot of blood dont worry it was too early to be implntation around the time your af comes is wen you get that.goto the docs or keep testing stress may have brought this on and made your af late



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