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ANA - December 29

Well today I am 7 dpo and i went to bathroom this morning and wiped and had spotting of red blood when I wiped, now it has gone, I also had some cramping since last night. It is too early for AF, so could this be implantaion bleeding or what. Yesterday I had really bad heart burn, well this morning I had to test and it was negative, I know it is too soon to test. but the waiting is making me crazy


ronee - January 11

I was just wondering if you have tested yet, and if so what was the result. I am experiencing the same things you described and AF is not due for another week....thanks!!!!


bump - January 13



mrose - January 13

Ana, I am experiencing the same thing. I have been charting and if it is accurate I ovulated on the 4th, we had intercourse the night before. Then on the 11th I noticed a little spotting when I wiped, only once though, and then again once lastnight, the 12th. AF is not due till the 23rd. I was wondering if you had found out anything yet? baby dust to you :-)


B - January 13

Yes, I am wondering the same thing as I am not due for AF until the 17th or 18th and I started have some spotting yesterday. Yesterday it was once and just a little. Today it was a little more but is now gone. My temps are still up so I am not sure what to think. Do you know if Clomid can cause spotting?


Chris - January 14

I am pregnant and I did spot during implantation. I thought I was getting my period early. It was light and sporadic and them went away. My first sign was very tender breasts. This was before my period was due.



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