Implantation bleeding
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Melin - March 8

I am 9 days from ovulution,but still I don't have implantation of bleeding(My period was 15.02.05)


Mythili - March 8

I have read that sometimes people get the implantation bleeding at around the time they expect their period...


jb - March 8

some people dont get it i never have xx good luck


michelle - March 8

not everyone gets it , i always do and its only a spot of blood! its normally a few days after conception...


Mythili - March 10

I just tested Positive. I got my implantation bleeding just around the date when I expected my period.


michelle - March 11

that seems pretty late for implantation bleeding! i thought it was 2 - 7 days after conception..
did you have any period pains ? i'm on day 18 and had very soft period pains this morning and wondered if that could be implantation???


jb - March 11

michelle yr def having implant bleeding i replied to u on the post "thinking of u michelle" this morning xx


Sam - April 1

how long should these menstrual feeling or spotting last?


Sam - April 1

This is my third child coming and this feeling is totally different form the others.


stacey - April 3

I thought it was 6-10 days after.


daniela - August 18

you guys i was suppose to get my period around the 13th instead i spotted very light pink when i wiped and it was just for that day. i still havnt had my period and i havnt spotted again but i'm cramping and i have endometriosis could i be pregnant?


to daniella - August 19

i would test you are 5 days past due and should register a +'ve if you are to get one. normally red is sign of af not pink. baby dust and hope for u. today i was due for af and i was sure it came but i got a light pink on one wipe and barely noticeable. that was at 3:40 this aftn and nothing since. i'm hoping but im pretty sure i'm not as i've had no symptoms



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