implanon and infertility?
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kat - June 6

has anyone had problems conceiving after taking out the implanon implant? i have been off for 9 months and not fell pregnant yet.


Miss Kitten - June 6

I would also like to know... I had it taken out 3 months ago.... did you have problems with implanon kat?


b - June 7



Implanon site - June 7


chelle - June 8

hi, i'v had it out now since August/ September last year, i had a miscarige in march, & still have not fallan yet! I know i will never be using it again. I also had problems while I was on it, I bled a lot of the time. But I feel myself coming back to normal now, I can feel when i am ovulating & my periods are coming back to a routine!!! Good luck to you, just have to keep trying & not give up!!! :)


Miss Kitty - June 10

The only time i got my period was when i would visit my bf!!! what a pain lol... i would get it soon as we fitst bded and it would go the day he left... weather it be afew days or a few weeks... so i got it out since this time im with him for 3 months... fingers corssed weve made a little one... sorry for your misscariage chelle... Im not planning on getting the implant put back in... I cant remeber what my normal cycle was before that.. so now its driving me crazy! good luck to you! ~baby dust~


Light - April 20

I had implant removed July 07, TTC sine Dec 07 but no luck. BBT charts are showing somethings not quiet right so unde going tests.



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