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neha - September 9

I had a miscarriage abo 6 mnths back. i have been ttc from the past 3 months with no succedd. i want to know the no. of fertile days. how many days after the +ve LH surge are fertile. i & my dh are very depressed & can't bd on my LH day. does anyone have same prob? this time i had sex abo 3-4 days b4 my LH & not on the day of LH surge. my af is due on13th sept, i took a preg test today but -ve. can anyone help me?


merlee - September 9

Your fertile days are usually 3-5 days before Ovulation and 1-2 days after. The egg only lives 12-24 hrs after O. But sperm live 3 sometimes up to 5 days. Good luck.



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