im so lost?
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babybear - November 18

my husband and i have been trying for 2 years and just on nov the 7th i had the iui done. i am no expecting my period untill aroung the 23 and guess what yesterday i started stopping i keep thinking to myself that it was the implantation bleeding because of the symptoms but this morning when i woke up still nothing the i get to work and wow it the real thing. is it possible to still be preg i only have theiui done on the 7th and alot of women hae there first period befor they know?


slowpoke01 - November 18

BABYBEAR-i am not real sure on this. it could be implantation especially since you arent expecting your period for another week. if it is the real thing you may want to talk to your doc because if it really is your period then it sounds like you have a short luteal phase. with a short luteal phase it doesnt give your egg time to implant, but i have read were they give the hcg trigger shot before ovulation and then give an hcg booster about a week later to lengthen the luteal phase so that the egg will have time to implant. you may want to talk to your doc about this because that does seem like a really short luteal phase. some women do have bleeding every month during pregnancy at the time that their period would be due. good luck.



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