Im so frusterated!!!
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Helayna - August 24

Ok. Im so sorry to rant, but sometimes you have to let it out! Well, I have PCOS and have been ttc for 3 years. My husband is in the military, and the base we are stationed at won't help with anything fertility. So they sent me to a very nice fertility clinic, but I only got seen once and then they told me I have PCOS and they won't see me again until I lose 15 pounds, I know it isn't much, but the weight won't come off. It has been 5 months, and the base won't help, and I can't go back to the fertility clinic. (its hard to lose weight whti PCOS!) My husband and I feel so alone. Does anyone have any suggestions, or similar experiences? I really feel stuck in a corner. Thanks so much for listening to my rant! God Bless, Helayna



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