im scared
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yumymumy - May 3

i have finaly brought myself to go see a doctor and find out whats going on. im TTC for almost 10months i know that doesnt seem a long time but it does when iv only had 3 cycles in that whole time... my first cycle from coming off the pill took 107 days to come, the second cycle was 51 days. third was 59 days and im waiting for the next sofar its been 49 days.... i read alot of your posts and try to get info about cycles and listen to what other woman go through and do. so i kind of forced myself to go get help and tests. in the back of my mind i kept putting it off in hope id get af in a few days or fall pregnant and after HPT after test i just give up. another thing iv latly been getting side stomache pains that feel like knots and its worrying me. iv booked in for blood test tomorrow and shes covering alot of differant things. she told me if that comes back fine im going to a specialist. and she didnt really say what will happen if something in the blood tests come out with a problem or not but im just really scared to know anything. i have a son, it took 2 and a half years concieving him and i had a rough pregnancy, pre eclampsia and more.. im just scared to know my results. i know theres women here who have long cycles so if you do and reading this is having them this long and irregular normal? i dont think so i mean, 3 periods since last july IT CANT BE! what are some of your outcomes i would really like to hear. thanx


tonyaandjoe - May 4

don't worry it is probably nothing, you are just causing yourself to get all worked up and relax everything will be what it is meant to be.just pray, you'll be fine.



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