im really worried
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kim - June 11

hi girls, ive got a question my breasts are always sore about a week before my period so i always know when af is coming, i come on my period on the 8th and my breasts are still really hurting now which is really unusual for me, this is really imbarassing but i know you girls can help me, just behind my nipple it feels lumpy and really sore i arent sure if this is usually how my breast feels but its never been this sore. please someone reply im starting to panic what if this is a cancerous lump or something bad.


nancy - June 11

i'm also experiencing that kim, my breast really really hurts a week before my due AF, so i know if my AF is coming, it's always like that for me every month, but this month it hurts a bit not the usual pain that i have from previous months or i should say years.I think it's normal for women to experience breast tenderness or soreness before AF coz it's part of PMS


Anna - June 11

Hey Kim,
I think you should go to the doctors.If there is anything lumpy going on that should be seen. The last time i had lumps i had to get them out but thank God it wasn't cancerous. So before it gets worst you gotta go and get that checked girl. Keep me posted.


kim - June 11

hi, thanks for the post, im really worried though because it isnt usual for me once my periods started, im goin see a doc though to check everythings normal, thanks for the advice though i'll keep you posted xxxx kim


Anna - June 11

Hey Kim,
Are you trying to have a baby? I have been trying gor 3 yrs for baby #2 but i got all kinds of issue because i gained like almost 70lbs. Its easy to gain but to lose is a killer. I guess thats why they call it diet you die will you doing it ha! LOL Hey girl don't worry you will be fine you go a friend to talk to if anything please fill free to email me at [email protected] If you need someone to chat with. I come on this screen only on the days i work but i always check my email at home. Take care, Anna


kim - June 12

hi anna, thanks for the reply, yes im trying for my first bsby ive been trying for almost 2yrs which has been the worst 2yrs of my life, i get my hopes up every month and then nothing im seeing a specialist in about 8 weeks time for the first time which im really pleased about hopefully he can help me and i will have a little bundle in my arms very soon, best wishes anna love kim xxx



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