Im ovulating...NOW WHAT???????
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Helayna - August 27

Finally, anfter messing with dosages, and seeing doctors, I am finally going to ovulate! Either today or tomorrow! This is a HUGE achievment, and the first step towards prenancy, but Im so scared we are going to mess up our chances by doing something wrong!! We have sex daily now, and i try and lie still for 40 minutes afterwards. I have a high cervix so we bd from the rear... Is there anything else we should do? Can anyone relate to this feeling of not wanting to screw this up?? Please help!


Sara - August 27

Hi Helayna, It sounds like your doing everything right. Lying still is good with your legs up in the air. I hear if you orgasm after he does, it helps "propel" his sperm up closer b/c of the contractions. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you.


Helayna - August 27

Thanks. I just am so nervous, because this is the first time I have ovulated in so long!! I am very excited for that. I always try to orgasm after my husband, although sometimes, you just want to get it over with! :) I really have high hopes for this!! Thanks for the positivity!!! ^~*baby dust*~^



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