Im not sure when im ovulating
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cynthia78 - July 26

Hi my name is cynthia and my husband and i have a little girl she is 8 months old well we want to have another one but i have A HUGE QUESTION how do i know when im ovulating i dont know when i am is it during my period of after or before my period this whole thing may have me stressted im nmot sure so could anyone tell me when ill ovulate or give me an idea. thanks.


diem - July 26

Try using an ovulation prediction kit....or record your temperatures....a great place to visit is


hopefulljules - July 27

Most people ovulate 10 to 14 after the FIRST day the their af


slowpoke01 - July 27

i would buy some ovulation predictor kits and starttesting 10 days after the first day of your period and keep testing until you g et a +



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