Im new to this forum - irregular cycles and clomid?
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Nicole0929 - March 7

Hello everyone. I am new to this part of the forum. I have been talking to a few ladies on the miscarriage forum. I was very disappointed to find I had a miscarriage very early on about 6 weeks ago. I am anxious to move on and try again. I have a 15mo son. We have been trying since oct/nov for our second child. I had to be put on clomid to conceive my son because of irregular cycles. It seems as though the irregular cycles are back ranging about 35-39 days. Its been 6 weeks since my miscarriage and I havent got my period yet. My levels were almost 0 four after so that cant be the problem. Has anyone had to be put on clomid for their 2nd after also?? My doctor said to wait until this thursday and then she will do bloodwork. I really hopeshe will put me on clomid.


pj - March 7

Did you conceive on the first cycle of clomid. I also have irregular period of approx same no of days, and am doing my first clomid cycle


cp - March 8

I also have irregular periods and I am getting ready to start clomid for the first time at the end of march if we couldn't get pg. this month



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