Im iiregular, can i still get pregnant?
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Christine - May 29

I have an irregular period, and i mean it's realy irregular. The last time i had my period was march 13th and thats when i had my miscarrage. My boyfriend came completly inside of me 7 times on May10th and ever since he just kept on cumming inside of me, what are the chances of me being pregnant?


angeleyes31102 - May 29

Have you always been irregular since you first started having a period? One thing I recommend is going to and start charting your periods so you can see a pattern and know your cycle. That way you know when to expect your period. Also are you trying to get pregnant? Because if your not then you may want to start using protection until your ready . Your best bet is to take a pg test to see if you are.


christine - May 29

yes i have always been irregular



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