Im 74days delay and not pregnant???
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karen - July 25

Im 74days delay and 3 days ago i had a pregnancy test which the result was negative. Im so confuse.... My husband and i been trying to concived a baby but no luck. I sometimes have nausea, food craving and urinated often. But since i had a pregnancy test negative, i don't react on anything anymore. We been to specialist doctor and i had one time sperm insimination. Nothing works... so i quite. It's getting too much for
me. The last time i see our doctor was January. Can anyone can give me explaination. Im in my 30th.


D. - July 26


You really should give it time. One time IUI isn't usually enough (some of us are very lucky though). It takes about three IUIs before you see success. If you are cycle day 74, and not pregnant, I would think you didn't ovulate. You may need to ask your doctor to help you jump start your cycle. But I think without medical help, you might have issues that will make it hard to get pg. You might want to talk to your specialist again and just try a little bit longer. I know it's hard. I"ve done IUI and IVF and it's not fun. But I also know that without it, I'm never going to have my baby.



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