If your are ttc, read this...VERY IMPORTANT!
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messanger girl - May 2

I was reading on another web site, and there was a post from a woman who had been ttc for 3 yrs with no luck. she went online and ordered a fertility moniter and a bunch of other fertility stuff from a web site called TheFertilityShop.com...everything cost her around $600. well, guess what? her visa payment for $600 cleared, but she never got her stuff. when she tried to call the service center for the site, the number was disconnected, and her e-mails went un answered. so this woman contacted the BBB to file a complaint, and she found out there were others who had filed complaints with the web site for the same reason. i just wanted to warn all of you, because i know ttc is a very frustrating time in your lives, and the fact that a web site would prey on your emotions like this because they know how desperate some woman are to get pregnant, if just beyond sick to me. so, please ladies, check out a web site be4 u buy from it...so what happened to this woman does not happen to you. take care, and baby dust to all of you!


Heather - May 2

Wow thank you for info!! *~*~*~*~*~


Dina - May 2

I actually got a fertility monitor two months ago from amazon.com and had no problems ordering. I would suggest you stick with a website you know and trust. Good luck to all!


a - May 9

thanx good to know



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