If you want to get preg come in Here!
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Dawn - September 2

My husband and I tried over 2 1/2 years to get preg. with my son who is 2 years old now. I heard about a company that formulates and grows their own herbs. I gave them a call and they told me what to take. They sent them to me and I was preg in 2 1/2 months. We wanted to try for another one and got preg(without the herbs) in Feb only to m/c in April. So I decided to go back on the herbs. I just found out that I am preg again! I am so excited. And I know that these herbs really do work. They are in liquid form. They are well worth it in my opinion. When you get preg you just stop them completely.They are natural and completely safe. No side effects at all except maybe morning sickness :) If anyone wants more info on this please email me and I will send you all the info I have. I will be praying for all of you who want a baby so badly! I know how it feels. [email protected]


KellyN - September 2

What's the name of the company?


Beware - September 2

For any of you who may be tempted to try these herbal remedies, please beware and be on guard. Check to see if they are FDA approved and have been researched. Testimonials of those it has worked for is not a substitute for scientific research. For those of us ttc, it would be wise to look into any drugs that we ingest. ALWAYS consults a doctor before self medicating. Please.


Hmm - September 2

I've had some reservations myself but the name of the co referred to is SunnyBrook Farm Herbs. Listed on the BBB with no complaints and a valid phone # was given to me via email and valid phone # on website. But I'm a little leary myself...might this be someone inside sunny brook trying to get us to buy this product?


D. - September 2

While I do agree that you should do your homework before taking any herbs, the FDA doesn't approve them. There are no regulataions concerning herbs. Just find out what's in them, google them (don't trust sites that sell them, try to find research or scholarly sources), then do what you feel is right. I take herbs. All my docs have always warned me against them, but I've done my research and know that I'm on the right path.


To "Hmm" - September 2

I was wondering the same thing. There is a person on the forum that really seems to be pushing the herbal product and I was thinking they may be an employee or something. I really don't care for that sort of advertising myself.


Hmm - September 2

I'm not against herbs AT ALL..I'm on them now with lots of research but this lil story got to me...more advertising than anything...I've seen the same post pretty much on here before so it left me wondering b/c I was considering those herbs also....but I don't think I will now not to discredit her if she is indeed preg. That's a blessing, but I'm wondering why so pushy??


Dawn - September 2

I am sorry if I sounded pushy on the forum, but I just Know how it feels to want a baby so badly. And if I can help anyone that can't get pregnant I would love to. And no I do not work for Sunny Brooke. I just know that their products do work. At least they did for me. The reason I went with herbs is because I did not want to go on fertility meds. The herbs are much cheaper than fertility drugs. No they are not FDA approved but no herbs are. My Dr. was very impressed with the results of these herbs. I did talk to my dr. before I went on them. Sunny Brooke is in Ohio. I live in PA. Sorry for any confusion.


I got pregnant on Herbs too! - September 3

I had been trying to get pregnant for 1 year and six months without success. I went to the fertility specialist, but their prices were just too high for me ($3,000 US DOLLARS per month, no guarantees).

I decided to do some research and took the following herbs:

1. FEM RESTORE (herbs in liquid form. Dark brown bottle with green letters. Found in any good health food store). Nasty taste, but worth the suffering.

2. Crystal Start Female Harmony: 4 pills per day.

3. Deluxe Evening Primrose Oil: 4 pills per day.

I took these herbs for about 1 1/2 months. I started with the beginning of my period and took until the next periods (I have irregular periods). Then I took VITEX (another nasty tasting herb) just for a few weeks and now I am 2 months pregnant! I just saw my baby’s heartbeating yesterday.

Everybody is different, so it could take longer for you to get pregnant.

Please write to [email protected] if you have any questions.

I wish you the best of luck. Put a little of God on this mix too and you will have a winning bet.


Ana C. Rowling



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