If you took/take Clomid what CD did you O?
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~S - November 7

I am on my first round of clomid, and dr and I tried something new She had read an article that more women get pregnant the earlier they start clomid in their cycle. So we gave cd 1-5 a shot. I am not going in to get an u/s to monitor it because our insurance sucks, and it won't cover it. So I am just using OPK's. I am on cycle 12, but on my 7th day off the clomid and still -OPK. How many days after you stopped the pill did you ovulate and on what cd did you O? I am starting to get worried it didn't work. I guess I will see when my blood is drawn but that seem like FOREVER!! Thanks girls!


miranda - November 7

my first cycle i took 50 mg days 3-7 and didnt o...then last month i took 100 mg days 3-7 and o'd on cycle day 15.....everyone is different but they say with clomid you should o between days 10-17 ....hope this helps...do you temp?


CJ - November 8

I took Clomid CD3-7. The first cycle on 100mg I O'd on CD14 (although now I think it may have been a few days later). Second cycle 100mg O'd on CD17 and got my BFP! Oh, I also never got a +OPK so I don't really trust those too much! Good luck to you!


T - November 8

Took it day 3-7 and o'd around day 13.


isa - November 8

last month 100 mg clomid days 2-6 and I o'd on day 13. This month 50mg clomid days 2-6 and o'd on day 13 (today cd25).


Gina - November 8

be careful using OPKs right after taking clomid, its known to give false positives. I took clomid days 3-7 and m opk came back that i o'd on cd 11/12. Im on cd 55 now and waiting for af. hopefully she doesnt come!


~S - November 8

Thanks so much all! I haven't tested yet today because I do it at noon, but I will keep you all posted. I hope this is the month that I O. I was on 50 mg.


K - November 8

2nd month of 50mg Clomid on days 3-7. 1st month O'd on CD 16 this month O'd on CD 14.....but I read w/Clomid you should O 5-8 days AFTER your last clomid pill. I have also read, and my Dr told me, that OPK's do always give correct readings with Clomid, and I have read the temps can sometimes be off w/Clomid, so I just go w/what my Dr told me and we BD every other day on cd 10-20..... I am now on 2ww so I guess we will see.... Baby dust to all!


sherry - November 8

cd 17, i got the surge. sherry


~S - November 8

No surge today. :( But we have been bd'ing every other day since like day 6 so hopefully we will hit it. I just hate that my dh is going out of town tomorrow, Wed until Sat. Knowing my luck I will O then. :( But maybe I will still have some a live in there if that happens.



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