If you conveived on Clomid
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cspears99 - June 28

Hi I am from California, I am on my 3rd cycle on Clomid, 150mg, no luck so far, I was wondering for those we did conceive what size and how many follicles did you drop when the ultrasound was checked before insemination??


greeneyedgemini616 - June 28

I had 2 follies one really big at 21mm 2 days before. Did an IUI and triggered and got pg on the second try but it was the first with the trigger shot.


clarcom - June 29

I was wondering if anybody has conceived on clomid WITHOUT insemination. I just started my first round with no side effects..but I already ovulate on my own and the doc thought it would be a good idea to try...I no longer have the insurance so I can't go to the doc anyways for the insemination but still hoping the clomid works without the insemination...can someone please share a story of conception without IUI while using clomid?


Cherie - June 30

We have conceived twice with Clomid without IUI. Unfortunately due to other issues they both resulted in miscarriage but nonetheless we did have the success initially with getting pregnant.


clarcom - June 30

Cherie...sorry to hear that. 8( Thank you for responding though...every forum I check everyone has done clomid with iui and I was begining to think there was no hope. That does shine a little light on me knowing it's possible. Thanks again. Baby dust************************


kclarkadpi - July 1

I conceived the first time on clomid 50 mg, with no monitoring from my doctor during my cycle, no "pre-checks" of sperm counts, etc.., and no other treatments. My problem, though, was that I had not been ovulating. I was going 15-18 weeks between periods. This time around we tried the first month without anything (and I did ovulate), but no preg. I'm on clomid 50 mg right now, and hoping to have the same success as last time. Don't give up hope!!!


clarcom - July 1

kclarkadpi I wish you the best...I'm glad it worked for you the first time and I pray it does for you again! 8) I'm hoping it will work for me the first time around like it did for you. It's frusterating that I went through all testing and they concluded it to be unexplained. I just really hope it's my time this time around. 8) Baby dust to everyone. ************


babs - July 1

Hi, I concieved first round of clomid in Jan but unfortunaltely ended in m/c (unrelated, I'm sure) Since then we've had no luck, and this cycles blood tests showed that I haven't o'd. Just wondering if any of you guys know if your body can get accustomed to clomid and stop reacting to it? Sounds wierd I know, but since it def worked first time I took it, and opks said it worked the last two rounds, it just seems to be this round that hasn't had any effect. I've reacted to it quite badly (weight gain, spots, emotional) and I'd be really worried about upping the dose. Any ideas? Would really appreciate a response!


clarcom - July 1

babs, have you had all the other testing done? The hsg, endometrial, post coital the whole nine? Just to rule out any other possible problems? I'm sorry to hear that you miscarried and that you react badly to clomid, I've been pretty lucky, I just finished my first round with only minor irritability nothing else. I did hear that sometimes women just don't ovulate sometimes, but being on clomid I don't know why you wouldn't, the best thing I think is to ask your doctor to see if it's safe to up your dose especially if you ovulated on your current dose, you don't want to risk large cysts. (ouch)Good luck to you though and please keep us posted. Baby dust to all************


cspears99 - July 3

Hi this is my third cycle and and my clomid was tripled I was dizzy a few times but other than that felt fine, didn't have like first two times but hope to this time, going today for u/s hope to see lots of big eggs, good luck. Cheryl


cspears99 - July 4

what is the trigger shot? what does that mean?


babs - July 4

Hi, clarcom-I haven't had any testing at all, just blood tests on day 21. I'm in england and they seem to be much more reluctant to test for problems until they absolutely have to! Even blood tests take alot of persuading! I spoke to the fertility nurse yesterday and she doesn't think I'll need to up my dose, she just thinks I'm reacting slowly to it, which is a relief! Won't know anything certain till I get the second lot of bloods back (Fri hopefully) She said, and I agree, that because we got pg on the first round last time, it's probably just me getting wound up about the length of time this time!


Otilia98 - July 4

Hello Ladies! How many of you are on Clomid because you are PCOS? I am PCOS and should be going on Clomid in July. Just curious about the success rate with PCOS. Thank you!


Neuza - July 4

Hi i have PCOS & i am on my 3rd on clomid 100mg...unfortunately no luck so far. I think really depends on the women some of them get pregnant on the first 3 rounds others need clomid + other meds to help. But is lot of ladies that got pregnant easly on clomid & i wish u the same luck.


sahmof3 - July 4

I found out I had PCOS while trying to conceive baby #2. I had several cysts, but one very large one. I did two rounds of Clomid and stopped because of terrible mood swings. I didn't get pregnant during those two rounds BUT it must have stimulated something because the largest cyst burst or disintegrated and I got pregnant the next month. Then after that we ere able to get pregnant with #3 the first month of trying. I credit the Clomid with helping my PCOS. I know it's unusual for it to happen this way, so baby dust to all...


blanketsandbottles - July 5

hi ladies! hope you all don't mind me joining! dh and i have been ttc for about 9 months now. this month was my first month on clomid 50mg. (i was not ovulating on my own) we did the work up thing before starting the clomid. dh semen analysis came back normal as did all of my bloodwork. today is cd13 and i have been using the ovulation test since cd10. i haven't seen a positive result yet. i thought it would be today and was a little disappointed when it was neg again. what are you guys thoughts? should i have seen a positive result yet? i don't want to jump the gun on anything just a little concerned.


soimpatient - July 5

Hi Blanketsandbottles, I was also on my first month of clomid cd5-9 50mg. I used OPKs from cd10 and I am now on cd35 and I still haven't seen a positive. My doctor is upping my dose for the next cycle. I have heard of lots of ladies not o-ing until day 16 or 18 on clomid. Hang in there and keep bding in case you miss your lh surge. Good Luck!



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