If nothing has happened in 6 months go and see a DR!
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Livinia - September 27

It just breaks my heart when I read posts of women who have been trying for months on end or years on end. I feel like I want to put my arms through my computer and give each and everyone of you a huge cuddle. I have gone to see a fertility specialist after 4 years of trying and he said to me that women should not let it go past 6months. These days our diets/work/stress etc etc is completely different to when our mothers were trying to concieve. So please, if you have been trying and nothings happening go and see a fertility specialist. If they are expensive, shop around till you find one within your price range! There are cheap DRS who don't want to rip you off and are only concerned about you and getting you pregnant. I wish you all from the bottom of my heart all the luck in the world. I'm throwing you all handfuls of baby dust!


KY - September 27

Thank you x x


aish - September 27

yeh insurance doesnt cover infertilty .. its so sad ....


Jamie - October 4

Thank you for this. I've been ttc for a year, and everyone tells me that I don't have anything to worry about. It drives me crazy because after 6 months of trying I still wasn't preg. and 4 people (older than I) and who didn't take care of their bodies prior to conception are expecting. I'm am now going to go to the Dr to find out what's wrong.


d - October 4

Jamie- We have been trying for 8 months.. every month around the time af is do i keep my fingers crossed



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