If my temps are too low is there an easy solution to fix?
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ali - August 13

If my temps are too low is there an easy solution to fix? I've been charting since Jan and think beg. of cycle is too way too low and end of cycle is ok but not high enough (for my liking) usually stays after ovulation between 97.6 and 98.4....Coverline usually about 97.4


dina - August 14

I've always wondered too, what is a normal temp for conceiving, like how high due are temps need to be to get an implantation to stick?


D. - August 14

a coverline at 97.4 doesn't seem to be too low. A post-o temp of 97.6 is kind of low but 98.4 isn't. When you say it stays between 97.6 to 98.4, is it 97.6, .7, .8 for a lot of it, or does it start at 97.6, increase steadily, stay up around 98.4 until AF shows up? I would also suggest you check out the pregnancy charts at fertilityfriend.com or ovusoft.com to help you feel better. You'll find plenty of pregnancies that occurred while temps were on the "low" side. If this still makes you nervous, I suggest you ask your doctor for testing on your thyroid and progesterone and estrogen levels. If you do have issues this is where you'll most likely discover the problem. Once you know what is wrong, then you can decide what route to take to fix, whether to ask your doc for help, or try some herbs. But first you have to know the exact problem (if there is any!)


ali - August 14

Hi D. my temps after ovulation are:
97.6, 97.8, 98, 98.2, 98, 98, 97.8, 97.8 (less than 3 hours this night), 98 (this is cd23). af due about cd 26 this month i am estimating. What's your thoughts? I'll check out the charts thanx


D. - August 15

While those temps may not be an issue, I would have the doc check my levels on the stuff I mentioned earlier just in case. To be honest, it would bother me as well. The only way to get true peace of mind will be to know for sure with some numbers. Good luck!



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