If my grandmother had a hysterectomy, will i need one too??
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Mel - April 18

I recently learned that my grandmother had a hysterectomy when she was 25 due to uncontrollable bleeding...(i think)...after haveing two kids at 19 and 21. I am a couple of months away from turing 21 and am worried that this will happen to me to. I have always wanted children but I am not in the position to have them right now. Does anyone know what disorder she possibly could have had and if it is genetic (my mother is almost 45 and has had no problems)?? Also, do doctors have a better solution now for problems like that than a hysterectomy??


C - April 18

In this day & age there is a lot more that dr's can do before resorting to a hysterectomy. My mother had one because of cysts but she was done with having her kids. I wouldn't worry about it. Your body changes so much when you have kids that it is a case by case basis anymore.


Mel - April 19

Do you know what it could have possibly been??? Thanks for the response : )


Aussie - April 20

Hi! My Mum had a hysterectomy at 45 due to endometreosis. They never knew she had it, although she was told she would not have children - she had 2 and i'm living proof! I am sure that doctors now have better solutions and can work out things much earlier now in order to stop problems like these. Good luck when you're ready!



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