If I miscarried why aren't I bleeding!?
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scutho - November 2

I had an u/s done last thursday 5/2 then a vaginal u/s same day read,7/2 no heatbeat. Tech said should of saw a HB. I measured 11mm. My doctor said he wants me to go for another next week. I'm not bleeding. Does anyone know how long it takes before you bleed?Has this happened to anyone else? my hcg level was 7,487 last monday , this monday they were 9,126. What's this all mean?HELP ME!


cw - November 3

well how far are you? when i was pg with my son i had a vaginal u/s and didnt show a hearbeat and they said that it may just be to early. they did bloodwork and said that it was looked like i was def. pg still. i went back a week later and the heartbeat was there:) if your levels keep going up i would say that is a good thing. my advice would be to wait it out before i panicked.


scutho - November 3

thanks for responding cw. I'm not sure how far iam since I had a period on Sept. 26 with a positive result preg. test. the u/s gave me 2 different readings 7 weeks and 5 weeks. I'm so confused. How far were you when you had the vaginal with no heartbeat?


to cw - November 3

You levels are going up that is a good thing, however, they should double every 2 days. I wouldn't worry just yet. There are alot of reasons for no heartbeat yet. You are not as far along as you said. Maybe the baby's position prevented one from being seen. So think positive. Good luck


cw - November 3

i think i was @ 5 weeks. you had a period and a positive pregnancy test? have you had any cramps or anything?


scutho - November 3

yea I was shocked myself. I took a test in the morning and it came out really faint line, that night I got my period (heavy) 4 days so I just thought it was wrong, then I took another after i stopped bleeding and it came out positive.Before that my last period was Aug 30. so I'm not sure what to think My doctor put me on progesterone 2x a day since I got pregnant cause I had 2 previous misses.Weird thing is my symptoms are gone. except breast tenderness.


scutho - November 3

very faint cramps once in a while, but no bleeding.


cw - November 3

well that is strange... but i still would wait before i gave up all hope. when do you go back to the dr?


Melissa - November 3

I had a miscarriage at almost 9 weeks. No cramping or bleeding. At 5.5 weeks, we saw a heartbeat. When I went back for my next appt. there was no heartbeat, although my HCGs were on the rise. You do not have to bleed in order to be miscarrying. What I had was called a missed abortion or missed miscarriage. My HCG levels at 6 weeks were 32,000 so I thought everything was fine. Also, a slow rising hcg can be an indicator that the pregnancy is not moving forward. It's very scary. I also read hcg levels were different for every woman during the different stages of pregnancy, so you can't draw any conclusions on your own. But in answer to your question, you don't have to be bleeding. I had a D&C done right away after my second oppinion and confirmation that it was a miscarriage. Otherwise it could have taken up to two or three weeks before expelling the fetal tissue.


neha - November 29

i had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. my HCG levels were rising but not doubling & i miscarried. it is quite possible that u ovulated late. but ur HCG levels are not doubling but don't give up hopes. i have heard of many women who do not produce enough hormone & yet carry their pregnancy to full term. All the best!



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